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Deploying on

May 17, 2021
Render is changing the way modern applications deploy. Hop on board and check out how to get your Lucky apps running on Render!
8m 49sBeginner

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Stephen is the creator of LuckyCasts and a core member of the Lucky team. His focus is on building out the Lucky and Crystal community with educational content and supplemental libraries.


  • I'm getting an error when deploying that the bin/webserver file doesn't exist when trying to deploy my Lucky app. Any advice on what could be going on?

    Yes! Jumpstart, the template app I use for LuckyCasts, currently uses a `webserver` target in `shard.yml` for the built binary, while default Lucky apps were changed to use `app` as the built binary. Make sure that the relevant references to `bin/webserver` are changed to `bin/app` in your Dockerfile, or change the target in your `shard.yml` from `app` to `webserver`!
    Asked about a year ago